Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017 CC Spring Open Round 4 Anton Taylor, 2033 - CM Josh Suich, 2062 Scandinavian, Portuguese Variation (B01)

2017 CC Spring Open Round 4 
Anton Taylor, 2033 - CM Josh Suich, 2062 
Scandinavian, Portuguese Variation (B01)

1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Nf6 3. d4 Bg4 4. f3 Bf5 5. g4 Bg6 6. c4 e6 7. dxe6 Nc6 8. exf7+ As it turns out this is an error. Based on my research after this game I have abandoned the f3-g4 line ... but it is playable if you like sharp firework fights like this. 8. ... Kxf7 9. Be3? There is no good alternative but this is probably one of the worst development moves. 9. ... Bb4+ 10. Nc3 Re8 11. Kf2 Qe7 12. Qd2 Nxg4+ 13. fxg4 Qh4+ 14. Ke2 Rxe3+ 15. Qxe3 Re8 16. Nf3 Qxg4 17. Rg1 Nxd4+?? RxQ+ is winning for black. This needless complication makes black's life harder. 18. Kf2 Qf5?? Another mistake. White has slowly gained ground through inaccuracies but after this move white is just winning. Failing to convert this game though is not such a big deal as it is such fireworks that calculating becomes prohibitive at my current level. This kind of game is how you grow. 19. Qxd4?? It's my turn to play a bad move. 19. Qd3 Bc5 20. Qxf5+ Bxf5 21. Ng5+ Kg8 22. Na4 and white comes out of the fireworks a rook up. 19. ... Bc5 20. Rd1 Bxd4+ 21. Rxd4 Bh5 22. Bg2? Rg3 is the path to keeping pieces on the board and take advntage of the exposed queen. Bg2 is considered by Komodo to be a draw. 22. ... Bxf3 23. Bxf3 Qc2+ 24. Ne2 Qxb2 25. Rd7+ Kf8 26. Rgxg7 Qxg7 27. Rxg7 Kxg7 28. Bxb7 Rb8 29. Bd5 Kf6 30. Nd4 Rb2+ 31. Kg3?? The problem with this choice of endgame on my part is that it requires a high degree of accuracy and According to Komodo the only way to really keep a draw is Ke3 and that is so counter-intuitive. I honestly would have to sit and calculate for a very long time in this one position to even scratch the surface on that calculation. Amazing. 31. ... Rxa2 32. Nb5 c5 33. Nc7 Ke5 34. Ne6 Kd6 35. Ng5 a5 36. Ne4+ Ke5 37. Nxc5 a4 38. Nd3+ Kd4 39. Nb4 Rb2 40. Nc6+ Kc5 41. Ne5 a3 42. Nd3+ Kd4 43. Nxb2 axb2 44. Kf4 b1=Q 0-1

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